The accuracy in design, the strict controls through the entire production process, the robustness of the structure, the high performance and the use of strong and durable raw materials make RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners fit for all the applications, even in the hardest conditions of use. Thanks to above, RIBO achieves the highest levels of quality, robustness, reliability (RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners have the longest warranty time in this industry) and accuracy in production in every detail, keeping over the time the initial performance.

Use practicality, functioning continuity, adapting capability to the most diverse condition of use and lowered maintenance interventions and costs are distinctive features of RIBO products form the very first.

By a methodical analysis of every single application, and through its 40-years experience, RIBO is able to provide the best solutions for every kind of industrial need, thanks to a complete range of industrial vacuum cleaner and an unlimited capability in designing and realizing customized configurations.