10.03.2014 - New video on YouTube: "ATEX" Series

Now online on RIBO YouTube cahnnel the presentation of RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners featuring ATEX conformity .

14.01.2014 - RIBO is on TUMBLR

RIBO is now on-line with a TUMBLR blog.


News, case histories and hints about the world of industrial vacuum cleaners.


RIBO S.r.l. has been developing and marketing equipment and accessories for industrial cleaning and vacuuming since 1968.

The company relies on a comprehensive range of products to meet the most diverse requirements and applications in a variety of industrial sectors where high performance, continuous duty and userfriendly operation are required.

The expertise developed in over thirty years of activity, along with the constant research for advanced solutions and proven consulting capabilities enable RIBO to design and manufacture in addition to a wide range of standard products, customised solutions tailored to specific needs.

Since its foundation, RIBO has made customer's satisfaction, continuous product improvement and commitment to engineering excellence and customer support its strong points. This philosophy has soon enabled the company to achieve a leading position on the home and international markets.

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40 years of quality

In 1968, Leonardo Rizzi set up RIBO in Villanova, a town in the suburbs of Bologna, with the aim of designing and manufacturing industrial cleaning equipment putting to good use the wide-ranging skills and experience he had acquired over many years of activity in the area of industrial vacuuming.

From the very first, RIBO earned a reputation for the high quality, excellent performance and optimum reliability of its products, combined with a flair for fair trading and human relationships both inside the company and towards outside partners and operators.

Throughout the years, RIBO established its market position with great entrepreneurial shrewdness and determination, by strengthening and upgrading its production and sales organisation while improving increasingly its research and development activity.

Today RIBO is a well-established reality in the area of industrial cleaning and vacuuming both on the home and foreign markets. An extremely flexible structure enables the company to cope with the most diverse market requirements offering a comprehensive choice of standard and customised solutions.

RIBO has always put in evidence the Customer's satisfaction and both the quality and the reliability of its products. For this reason RIBO takes steady care about the technologic and normative developing of the market, always proposing innovative projects and applications, complying with the specific applicable regulations.