the suitable solution is our first goal

A 50 years-old experience for any need of industrial vacuuming

  • Specific analysis of any single requirement
  • On-site visit
  • Steady cooperation between fron-line staff and technical back-office


Thanks to its 50 years-old experience, RIBO is able to realize suitable solutions to any need of industrial vacuuming and fully customized industrial vacuum cleaners, perfectly integrating within the production line and the existing control devices.


 Customized configurations

 Technical support

 Highest Quality

RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners: Quality first, for the highest excellence


An industrial vacuuming appliance is an investment made to bring a positive return on work productivity and quality through the timeline.
Therefore, the reliability, performance-keeping and the suitable configuration are basic elements to achieve and keep the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Designing and manufacturing oriented to achieve the highest structural strength
Strict controls throughout the entire production process
End-line probing test on each vacuum cleaner produced.
Dynamic staff and skilled supervisors
Supply chain accurately selected, with well-established partnership and steady control.

Thanks to these elements, RIBO vacuum cleaners has been always achieving the highest level of reliability through the timeline, granting an outstanding structural strength, excellent performance and extremely prolonged lifecycle through the decades.

case history


Italian branch of a historical manufacturers of big-size engines for marine applications: several metalworking operations are carried out within these premises.
At the end of each phase of the process on the mechanic parts (all of them featuring big size), it is necessary to remove the ...

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RIBO Case history

Here we are going to introduce you some sample of the various solutions that we have been supplying to our Customers thorugh the timeline. Small or big industrial vacuum cleaners, simple or complex requirements, standard or fully cutomized solutions. Several different cases, but all of them with something common: the ...

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