Scraps collecting

Industrial vacuum cleaners specifically configured for the continuous recovery of working scrap even in huge quantity

Working scraps are particularly light and bulky, causing an outstanding space occupancy likely, so affecting the production line productivity.

RIBO solution

RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners are specifically configured to collect a huge quantity of scraps in a reduced space, granting a quick and effective recovering. The filtering system grants the restraining of the residual powder.

Related products
  • D20/K

    All the features of an industrial vacuum cleaner in a very compact size

    For vacuuming of desk-working waste and for industrial cleaning in narrow spaces.
    Equipped with self cooling motor (featuring self-detaching brush) mounted on a strong aluminium base, to grant the highest structural strength with a prolonged lifecycle.

  • ASF

    Three-phase scrap vacuuming unit 1,1kW - 2,2kW

    Featuring one or two suction inlets, comes with reinforced PVC transparent cap, also available in aluminium execution (with inspection window)
    Available in AISI 316 stainless steel execution.

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