A Half-Century-long experience in industrial vacuuming

Since 1968 RIBO has been designing and manufacturing industrial vacuum cleaners and vacuum technologies for industrial applications.

QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE. RIBO has been always put the Customer’s satisfaction at the first place, through the steady improvement of the range of industrial vacuum cleaners and of the before-and-after sales service, always searching for the highest excellence.

QUICK AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION. RIBO can comply with any kind of need in industrial vacuuming accurately and promptly, thanks to the well established know how, through continuous training and upgrading all over the staff

DIRECT CONTACT. RIBO gives the highest value to the direct contact with the Customer: knowing and deeply analysing any specific need and application are the foundation of the daily relationship between RIBO and its Customers.

CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT AND SERVICE. Big as well as small series, customized configurations (also in unique item), steady support in line/plant project and integration with the existing production lines, complying with specific industry and product standard, specific certifications…. To RIBO, the “Non-Standard” … is the Standard!


Year 1968: Leonardo Rizzi set up RIBO in Villanova (near Bologna) to design and manufacture industrial cleaning equipment putting to good use the wide-ranging skills and experience he had acquired over many years of activity in the area of industrial vacuuming.

From the very first, RIBO earned a reputation for the high quality, excellent performance and optimum reliability of its products, combined with a flair for fair trading and human relationships both inside the company and towards outside partners and operators.

Year after year, decade after decade, RIBO established and improved id market positioning, by strengthening and upgrading its production and sales organisation while improving increasingly its research and development activity.

Today RIBO is a well-established reality in global area of industrial vacuuming, able to cope with the most diverse market requirements offering a comprehensive choice of standard and customised solutions.

RIBO has always put in evidence the Customer's satisfaction and both the quality and the reliability of its products. For this reason RIBO takes steady care about the technologic and normative developing of the market, always proposing innovative projects and applications, complying with the specific applicable regulations.