Fixed and mobile vacuuming units to remove metal working shavings on big-size piece quickly and effectively


Italian branch of a historical manufacturers of big-size engines for marine applications: several metalworking operations are carried out within these premises.


At the end of each phase of the process on the mechanic parts (all of them featuring big size), it is necessary to remove the waste (metallic shaving) before starting the next phase.


Huge quantity of waste, to be removed in a very short time:

Considerable distance between the vacuuming point and the position of the vacuum cleaner, requiring a long path of the vacuuming line (risk of vacuuming capability lack) :

Both manual and automatic operations, requiring an effective shaving removing in every part;

Huge quantity of material to be vacuumed, requiring high-capacity container;

Frequent handling of the collection containers for the waste disposal/re cycle.

Quick waste unloading in dedicated collection tank for the automatic operations


RIBO designed and manufactured a fully customized vacuuming system, integrating both manual and automatic operations:

Mobile high performance industrial vacuum cleaners, to remove quickly a huge quantity of metallic shaving through a very long vacuuming line (up to 20m), equipped with a dedicated piping supporting structure featuring a flexible-hose end line (to grant to the Operator an easy handling without bearing the weight of the whole line). 450-litres-capacity containers, featuring high-sliding wheels and overturning device (for quick emptying).

Fixed vacuuming system, fully integrated within the machinery layout, equipped with control device steadily interfacing with the main console and with remote-controlled unloading device.



Reduced preparation time between processing phases.

Considerably lower risk of thrown objects for the Operator (the vacuuming operation has replaced the compressed-air cleaning).

Quicker machinery preparation

Optimizing of vacuumed material removal for disposal/re cycling operations

The Customer has particularly appreciated the modularity of RIBO products: several industrial vacuum cleaners are used in the departments, and the quick interchangeability of the components (for both fixed and mobile appliance) grant the shortest machine-stop for ordinary maintenance interventions.
The compact size and easy handling of the mobile industrial vacuum cleaners grant a quick moving through the departments granting the highest cost/time optimizing.



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