RIBO Industrial vacuum cleaners

The highest level of Quality, Reliability and structural Strength since 1968

RIBO designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of industrial vacuum cleaners and vacuum technologies for industrial applications:


Industrial vacuum cleaners for dry solid materials and for liquids

Pneumatic conveyors

Central vacuuming units


The outstanding reliability and structural strength make RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners particularly suitable to be used in the most probing operational and environmental conditions.

RIBO industrial vacuum cleaners are also available in ATEX configuration and can be equipped with ULPA U15 filters for hazardous materials vacuuming.

Besides standard production, RIBO designs and manufactures industrial vacuum cleaners in customized configuration, suitable to any specific need for industrial vacuuming.



Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

Compact size - Easy to use - Energy saving - Outstanding structural strength


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three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners

Suitable to all industrial applications - Specifically suitable to heavy-duty use - Complying with ATEX regulations


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compressed-air industrial vacuum cleaners

Full-pneumatic feeding - No moving parts - No electric components


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Pneumatic conveyors

Fixed and mobile pneumatic conveying systems for powders, granules and bulk handling


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